5 Reasons Why These Laundry-Reducing Eucalyptus Sheets Are Perfect for Autumn

By Gloria Delgado

Last Updated May 1, 2023

  • 1. Sheets that DON’T trap oils and bacteria

    We all know how gross sheets that trap oil and bacteria can be. Thankfully, eucalyptus fibers have a natural resistance to oils and bacteria, providing you with bedding that stays cleaner for longer. With SANTI, your sleep sanctuary stays as fresh as the day you first made your bed, so that you spend more time relaxing and less time doing laundry.

  • 2. Sheets that stay fresh and DON’T retain odors

    SANTI's Eucalyptus Bedding Sets are designed to stay fresh and odor-free. The unique properties of eucalyptus fibers naturally combat odors, maintaining the freshness of your bed. With SANTI, you're guaranteed sheets that don't just feel good, but smell great too, so that your laundry loads are drastically reduced.

  • 3. A Cooling Oasis in the Blistering Heat

    Eucalyptus fibers renowned for their natural thermo-regulating properties, keeping you comfortably cool even on the hottest nights. Transform your bed into a cool sanctuary after a long day under the summer heat so that you can peacefully drift off into the paradise of dream world.

  • 4. Healthy for the Planet

    These bedding sheets are produced from sustainably-harvested eucalyptus fibers, a resource that consumes less water and results in fewer emissions during manufacturing. With SANTI, align your comfort with the well-being of our planet and sleep soundly knowing you're contributing to a healthier planet.

  • 5. The BEST Sleep You’ve Ever Had

    Thousands of customers have reported that the eucalyptus bedding sets, by SANTI have drastically transformed their sleep quality. Drift off into dreamworld as the buttery soft texture envelops you in the tranquil comfort of sustainably-sourced luxury.